Random Thoughts for A Random Day

Random Thoughts for A Random Day

Greg Maddux Greg Maddux

Can we please as a civilized society stop talking about Tony Romo's golf game?  We get it, he's good.  Maybe he is even really good.  That's great.  i like Romo and wish him, his family, and his future nothing but the best.  Until he makes the PGA tour and a few cuts, stroke by stroke breakdowns are a waste of time and manpower.

First it was Durrant vs Westbook.  Not it looks like it is Ray Allen vs the 2008 Celtics.  I get that sports hate is a fun thing and even have a lot to share for the University of Texas and the cities of New York, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.  But this latest trend of that guy left to play there or I am not speaking to him over this reason feels a lot like what my sister and I did before our parents would fix the problem.  I won't go into what they did for fear of it happening again.  My dad may read this at some point.  

The Texas Rangers bullpen is three letters too long.  As of Tuesday morning the ERA of the pen is 5.61.  That is just good enough to not be in last place in the entire league.  They are .32 runs better than Detroit.  To put that in perspective, the Tigers give up 1 more run from their pen than the Rangers do every third day.  The pen, in this case, is not mightier than the sword.  

A baseball writer by the name of Jason Lukehart has come up with a new stat for baseball and I for one love it.  If the starting pitchers throws a complete game shutout while using less than 100 pitches it is called "A Maddux".  There have been two of them this year and since 1990 the namesake holds the record for the most thrown.  In that spirit, I want to call a complete game pitched in under 2:10 minutes "A Buehrle".  Maybe if we started counting them, game times would speed up.

College football has added an early national signing day.  I get that for the players and coaches this feels like a really good thing.  All I see it really doing is being used as a weapon for coaches and more wanting to transfer for the players.  How a weapon, coaches saying if you don't sign during the early period then I am pulling your scholarship.  Why more transfers, coaching staffs get fired and change in December.  All and all I see a bigger mess coming for the NCAA than the feel good emotions everyone else sees.  

The next time you complain about Texas Tech not caring about winning, I am going to point you to Todd Petty, JoJo Robertson, Wes Kittley, Greg Sands and Tim Tadlock.  All of them have or are expected to take their teams on an extended post season run.  Two of them are hosting Regionals in Lubbock in the same week, and baseball should follow suit later in the month.  Football and both Basketball teams have been disappointing for sure, but to say that the University doesn't want to win is just unjustified.  They may be winning in sports you don't care about, but that is on you.

May 9th would have been Tony Gwynn's birthday.  He and Kirby Puckett played baseball the best way possible, with a smile.  You may have not liked when your team was facing them on the field, but you have to love the way they played the game.  Both had problems that they caused, but those smiles are missing in baseball today.

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