Double T 97-3 Answers... July 5th

Double T 97-3 Answers... July 5th

Chuck Heinz - The Morning Drive

As of today, I'm selling.  The Rangers don't have enough to make a World Series push this year.  They need to set themselves up for a future run whether is '18 or '19.  They've won the West, won the AL championship now it should be full throttle up to win a World Series.  That is not this year at this point but it should be very near term.  

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive

I'm still standing pat right now. There have been so many key injuries on this team so far this year and yet you are just a couple games back in the Wild Card standings. You have about a month before the trade deadline so I say wait two or three weeks and then make the decision. Either way, I would not mortgage the future too much for a rent a player that would just get you into the postseason and I would not completely give up and go with a fire sale either. 

Zach Logsdon - The Morning Drive and Sunday Sports Blitz

The one thing they can't do is stand pat. I don't personally believe they're one or two players away, so I fall into the "sellers" category. Also, certain players (Joey Gallo, Rougned Odor) might not maintain their current level of value. I think it's better to get assets for them now as opposed to being stuck with them if they don't progress. 

Casey Cowan - The Bottom Line

The Rangers are unquestionably sellers in 2017, but would be wise to avoid being 'fire-sellers'... partly due to fire being available to anyone at almost any time these days, thus rendering the fire-buying market unreliable - but mostly because of the quality pieces still in place in Arlington. Jon Daniels has led a front-office that's traded shrewdly before & needs to do so again here in order to maximize the return on a few valuable commodities currently on the roster, all while keeping an eye on competing again in the American League West in 2018.

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line

As of right now, it's still to early to make and rash decisions for the Rangers. Texas is still in position to make the postseason through the wild card with a month till the trade deadline. Texas may end up in a selling position, but that doesn't mean it needs to have a fire sale. There are some pieces that make sense to deal off (Yu Darvish), but this team needs to keep the core group of young players intact. This team should stand pat for the most part. Even if it means a .500 record. 

Aaron Dickens - Tech Talk

The worst thing to be in professional sports is average and, right now, the Texas Rangers are an average ball club. The vast majority of the American League, the Rangers included, remain in the hunt for a Wild Card berth, which presumably will limit the number of sellers on the market before July's trade deadline. If I'm Texas, with a minimal chance to catch the best team in baseball in the AL West race, I would take advantage of the thin sellers market and get as much as I could for guys like Jonathan Lucroy, Yu Darvish and the like. 

Chris Level - Tech Talk

If you're still a few games out of the wild card race you've got to stay in the race and attempt to "buy" a few bullpen pieces in my view. With each upcoming series I find myself rooting for a sweep one way or another because I want clarity for GM Jon Daniels. This yo-yoing back and forth and hovering around .500 as a team is the worst place to be but if you're within a few games of a playoff spot you hang in there and go for it.

Jeff McGuire - Sunday Sports Blitz

I have been in the selling mode since before the ten game win streak.  Yu Darvish is expected to be heading somewhere else in free agency.  He is the ace of the staff right now.  If you are going to trade him so you get something for him, then why not send off everyone?  There are some young and older players that if they wanted to stay through a rebuild that would be untouchable.  But I also respect the vets enough that if they wanted a championship, I would do my best to get them one.

Chris Williamson - The Sunday Sports Blitz

I know the Rangers are only 2 games under right now, but we just aren't very good. So I would be looking for anything to improve, so with the possible exception of Hamels, Darvish and Odor, and even those 3 for the right price I'm selling.

Zach Sparkman - Producer Extraordinaire

Sellers, while this is not a bad team like some would make you believe, it isn't a good team either. They could probably hang in the wild card hunt as is, but they'd have to further deplete the farm system for hope of contending. They have many soon to be free agents, that could restore the farm system to how it was prior to the Hamels and Lucroy deals and better set up the organization to compete for championships in the future.

Final Total

Buyers - 1

Sellers - 7

Stand Pat - 2

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