Spurs Missed Out in Free Agency

Spurs Missed Out in Free Agency

Kawhi Leonard Kawhi Leonard

by Kyle Kyle Stafford

It's hard to call a team that didn't lose any key pieces from a 61 win season a loser in this year's free agent market, but that's what the Spurs were.  San Antonio re-signed Patty Mills and then sat back as the rest of the Western Conference teams upgraded their rosters. Even Denver made a splash on the free agent market with Paul Millsap.  

This doesn't mean the Spurs aren't still the second best team in the west, they just didn't improve on their current roster. Of course, they still have an MVP candidate in Kahwi Leonard, but is one superstar enough anymore?  

They missed out on Chris Paul and Andre Iguadola, who signed with the Spurs two biggest competitors.  LaMarcus Aldrige and Danny Green were both reportedly shopped around the league as trade pieces, yet there were no takers.   

Looking at their current roster, it is still competitive enough to make it to the conference finals once again. Although, the road just got a lot harder. More than half of the biggest stars in the league now reside in the west. 

Minnesota landed a star in Jimmy Butler, while keeping their core of budding stars intact. They also added nice complimentary players in Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson that give them a veteran presence.

The Thunder landed Paul George to pair up with MVP Russell Westbrook. That immediately adds two more contenders to come knocking on the Spurs door for that number two spot.

While free agency is still currently on going, the biggest names on the market are already off the board. 

So where do they turn?

They'll have to hope for another MVP caliber season from Leonard, Tony Parker to be fully healthy and still produce at a high level, and most importantly, they need Aldrige to be the player they expected him to be back when they signed him two years ago.  

The Spurs regular season dominance will never wane as long as Greg Poppovich is still on the bench and R.C. Buford remains in the front office. But their championship window may be coming to a close unless they can find some younger talent to build around Leonard in the next couple of years.  

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