The Cowboys Open Training Camp Without Focus and Commitment

The Cowboys Open Training Camp Without Focus and Commitment

Jerry Joens Jerry Joens

Another off season has come to a close for the Dallas Cowboys.  It started after a playoff loss as the top seed in the NFC.  It had in house drama of Tony or Dak, until CBS called and fixed that issue for the team.  It also had police drama.  And that is because of the phrase "Talent Wins Games".  

At every level of sports, talent wins over the long haul.  The best teams win championships, maybe not every year, but they do win one.  Look at any "Super Team" in any sport, and you see champions.  The 90's Yankees, the current Golden State Warriors, the 90's Bulls, the 90's Cowboys, the 80's 49ers, the 70s Montreal Canadians and so on and so on and so on.  Those teams all had talent.  They also had championships.

Let's not confuse best talent with best record.  The team with the best record does not always have the most talent.  They sometimes have the easiest schedule.  They sometimes have talent get injured at the worst time.  They sometimes flew under the radar until it was too late to be caught.  And sometimes, they just got a lot of luck.  Sometimes, luck wins too.  Ever hear of better to be lucky than good?

Back to talent wins games, it is as true today as it has always been.  And Cowboys owner and GM Jerry Jones is always looking for talent, as he should.  I fully believe that he wants to win.  I see through the eyes of a fan of his team that he is doing what he thinks is best to win, every single day.  Mr. Jones wants the best.  He wants another 50 championships.  He goes after talent.  

This off season Dallas has had a running back accused of sexual assault from last year that the league is still looking at.  They have had two defensive lineman suspended.  One for a year, and another for the first four games because of drugs.  There is a cornerback on trial as this is being written for domestic violence.  They did just cut a wide receiver from the team for being charged with a shoplifting, only to have it be a case of mistaken identity.  If it was just this year it would be bad, but this is an on going problem.  It's every year.  

Anyone remember Randy Gregory, Rolando McClain, Demarcus Laurence and Greg Hardy?  They all missed time for the Cowboys because of off field problems.  That was just the defensive line by the way.  The list could get way worse if we keep going.  But hey, all these guys had talent.  

When you play for "America's Team" you live with a magnifying glass over your life.  Every bad choice you make, is bigger than if you played for somewhere else.  Mr. Jones likes that magnifying glass.  He likes talent.  Talent wins games.  I offer this tag to it though, "Talent Wins Games, but Character Plays The Game."

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