Double T 97-3 Answers... August 3rd

Double T 97-3 Answers... August 3rd

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott

Chuck Heinz - The Morning Drive

Cowboys make a deep run.   Regular season record won't be as good as last year.  Cowboys will play at least for the right to go to the Super Bowl.  Dez will have a big year.  Defense a little better than expected.  Dan Bailey will kick 2 game winners plus one in the playoffs. Zeke sits two games. 

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive

I don't think there is any reason to believe the Cowboys can't be one of the favorites in the NFC this season. I fully expect them to win the NFC East and have one of the better records in the NFC. Their schedule is definitely more difficult this year so they might not have as good of a record as last season but they should still be one of the better teams heading into the playoffs. 

Now, what do they do once they get to the playoffs? That's the million dollar question. Sooner or later the Boys have to put together a solid playoff run, right? Let's hope so.

Zach Logsdon - The Morning Drive and Sunday Sports Blitz

My expectation is that they should make the playoffs. I think they will compete with the Giants for the division but should get to that 10-win mark that puts them in a good spot for a wild-card berth if they fall short. Offensively, I'm expecting them to open it up a little bit more for Dak Prescott and allow him to stretch the field, which will hopefully take some of the load off Ezekiel Elliott. You worry about a guys durability the year after he hits the 322 carry mark. Defensively...just don't be terrible. If they can finish in the top 15 or so I think it will be a very dangerous team. 

Casey Cowan - The Bottom Line

Beyond Dallas’ soul-harvesting ground game, Dak Prescott’s 23 to 4 touchdown-to-interception ratio is what kept the Cowboys among the league’s elite a season ago. His ability to make smart decisions while the fur flies would be the envy of any quarterback, young or old, as a poised presence can cover a multitude of sins — whether as a 199th overall pick who has become arguably the game’s greatest quarterback ever, or as a 4th-round selection who improbably unseated Tony Romo. In 2016 Prescott showed maturity beyond his years, but was also kept in mostly manageable situations by the Cowboys offensive braintrust and aided by a rushing attack highlighted by an MVP candidate. In 2017 Prescott enters the season as an unknown to no one & will face a considerably different challenge from opposing defensive coordinators. Dallas is surrounded by questions entering the year, some even involving a football correlation - but if they hope to be considered among short-list contenders again in ‘17 the quarterback’s ability to avoid mistakes can’t be one of them. My expectation? Prescott continues to be mistake-lite, but does appear more human than he did during his charmed rookie season. Still, the Cowboys’ maulers up front return to dominance in the trenches after a so-so 2016 & pair well with an improved defense to keep Dallas atop the NFC East for a second consecutive season & back in the NFL playoffs with something to prove. 

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line

My expectations for Dallas this season are to win the NFC East once again and to play in the NFC title game. This is a team that returns most of its team from a season ago - that won 13 games. Dallas will have arguably the best offense in the league, but will also be playing the toughest schedule in the league. The biggest questions lie with the defense, but Rod Marinelli has proven time and again that he can motivate players off the street. This team will be a disappointment if it isn't playing for championships. 

Aaron Dickens - Tech Talk

I expect the Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East -- perhaps not as comfortably as the Astros will win the AL West -- and make the NFC Championship Game. Dak Prescott was a wonder in 2016 as a rookie, and he should be even better under center this season. If Dallas can survive a host of defensive line suspensions over the first four weeks of the season, America's Team will sail through the season and head into the postseason as the No. 1 seed.

Chris Level - Tech Talk

To win the NFC East at least ought to be the expectation. No team has won back to back NFC East titles in several years so Dallas would be bucking recent history if they can repeat this season. I think their offense will be fun to watch .... even if Dak doesn't throw for 20+ touchdowns to very few interceptions he's still going to make plays and be better in most aspects compared to last season. I also like their young secondary's ability to create turnovers. If you go back to 2014, this team picked off 18 passes and they had less than that the last two seasons combined. That aspect of their team must be better and I think it will be. It is a tougher schedule this year compared to last so going 13-3 or better seems far fetched but winning the division is certainly attainable and that should be the expectation going into the 2017 season.

Marissa Crawley - Tech Talk

I expect the Dallas Cowboys to not match or win more games as they did last year, but to go further during the post season. The Cowboys will be hurting at the beginning of the season due to all the suspensions and might lose a few games. When they finally get all their teammates back I expect them to figure it out and head into post season hungry and determined.

Jeff McGuire - The Sunday Sports Blitz

For me it starts with winning the NFC East.  I don't expect them to run off another 11 game win streak, but I don't expect a huge drop off either.  A win total of around 10, with a playoff or division locked up before the last 2 weeks.  My Playoff expectations will completely depend on how they get there and how healthy they are.  But it will be a disappointment if they are not in the NFC Championship Game this season.

Chris Williamson - The Sunday Sports Blitz

The every day person might say winning the super bowl, however my expectations are for them to make it to NFC Championship game. I feel that they made some improvements but also had some losses. They will take a step back from last year's  regular season as they will no longer be a well kept secret but I think they will benefit from probably having to play a wild card game. I just think they need at least one more year to make the big splash.

Zach Sparkman - Producer Extraordinaire

10-6, I think Dak will take on a bigger role in the offense, while this will probably lead to him throwing more than 4 interceptions it should also open things up for Zeke and the running game. Now the Elliott situation is not ideal and possibly losing him for the first game or two obviously hurts their chances in those games, not to mention being without their 3 suspended Defensive lineman will hurt a defense that wasn't expected to be a strong unit to begin with.  I expect this team to follow the same formula they used last season to overcome these issues. The reason for dropping them from 13 wins to 10 is the schedule that is projected to be one of the toughest in the league.

Kyle Stafford - Double T 97-3 Intern

Last season the Cowboys finished 13-3 before getting upset by the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round of the playoffs.  The rookies led the way offensively with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot putting together phenomenal seasons.  Prescott was a pleasant surprise for a team that many had written off after Tony Romo went down in the preseason.  He threw for 3,667 yards with a 67.8 completion percentage. The defense who played well last year, took some big hits in the offseason with the departures of Morris Claiborne, Barry Church, and Brandon Carr.  Rookies may handle some of the load in the secondary, and one of the veterans they brought in may be facing a possible suspension. 

Overall, I expect the Cowboys to go 10-6 this year and make the playoffs via the Wild Card.  The defense really concerns me with what they have to replace and I expect Dak Prescott to take a small step back as teams get more adjusted to him.  Plus, with the upgrades Philadelphia made in the offseason, I expect them to win the division. 

Overall Total

NFC Championship Game - 2

Playoff Win - 4

Make The Playoffs - 12

Win the NFC-East - 4

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