Dr. Optimist and Mr. Negative: Season Preview

Dr. Optimist and Mr. Negative: Season Preview

Texas Tech Defense Texas Tech Defense

Dr. Optimist: Eastern Washington
If there was a tougher FCS team to play in the non-conference schedule, I don't want to know.  The advantage for the Red Raiders here is: they will have nothing to prepare with for this game.  Nic Shimonek will be playing his first game as a starter and the defense will have three camps under their belt with David Gibbs.  This won't be a roll the balls and beat someone game, but this game will be well in hand at the half with the Red Raiders starting 1-0. 

Mr. Negative: Eastern Washington
Only Texas Tech could find the hardest possible FBS team to start the season.  This is a team looking for wins.  Was Alabama already booked, or Ohio State?  Sure the fans love to see a hard nosed match-up in the non-con but you know what they like more? Wins.  This game has TRAP written all over it.  The week before a bye week and an opponent that just screams ignore me, until they take your head off.  0-1

Dr. Optimist: Bye Week
Any coach will tell you that bye weeks are all the same.  An early bye week is an extension of fall camp.  They will polish things up from the first game and be ready to face Arizona State next week looking for revenge. 1-0

Mr. Negative: Bye Week
Okay guys, get geared up and ready to sit back and watch everyone else play this week.  The advantage of this non-game week is you can't lose it.  Unless of course you lose to an FBS team in week 1.  0-1

Dr. Optimist: Arizona State
Revenge is a dish best served cold.  At least that's what the movies say.  This meeting is all about the defense stepping up and stopping a running back on the goal line.  With very little doubt, the defense will have watched this game from last year and be motivated to become heroes.  2-0 with a few huge stops by the defense to secure it.

Mr. Negative: Arizona State
This game will remind me of a Bill Murray movie.  Not Caddyshack or Ghostbusters, but Groundhog Day.  All I see happening again and again is a third string running back that no one ever heard of running to the right or left off tackle to score, again and again.  It will be a close game, just like last year.  When the Sun Devils want to run the clock out at the end - they will do just that.  0-2

Dr. Optimist: Houston
If this game was a year ago, my opinion of the game would be different, but a new coach in Houston opens up possibilities.  This will be the toughest game in the non-conference, by far.  Houston has spent the past few season building the talent under now-Texas Coach Tom Herman.  This is a coin flip game for me, with he who has the ball last, wins.  Red Raider fall on the road but gain respect in a well fought game on the road. 2-1

Mr. Negative: Houston
Mark this game as the beginning of the end for the season.  Tech could be a double-digit ‘dog by the time this game comes around.  If this game was at the Jones, maybe I could feel like an upset would be in the winds of West Texas.  However, on the road Tech has been embarrassing.  The 0-3 start will have the boo birds out for the next home game, before kickoff.  0-3

Dr. Optimist: Oklahoma State
The Cowboys are one of the favorites to win the league.  Tech is coming off a losing season and has not beaten Oklahoma State since 2008.  All of that ends this week.  This will be the first big conference win under Kliff Kingsbury over a former Big 12 South foe.  The defense will score at least once at home early to get the crowd fired up and the offense will take it from there.  This will be the opposite of the OU game last year where OSU keeps trying to get back into it, but Tech seals it with a win late.  3-1(1-0)

Mr. Negative: Oklahoma State
Tech last beat Oklahoma State in 2008.  Since then the average score of the game is 49-28.  That's the average.  Sure last season was a 1 point loss, but for every one of those is a 66-6 or 59-21.  This series has been a run-away for OSU in the last eight years.  2017 will make it nine in a row and the Red Raiders fans will start to flee.  0-4(0-1)

Dr. Optimist: Kansas
The last time the Red Raiders lost to Kansas was when the head coach was the starting QB.  He has since played in the NFL, CFL and coached at Houston, A&M and now Texas Tech.  This game will be over by halftime. 4-1(2-0)

Mr. Negative: Kansas
There is just something about playing the Jayhawks in Lawrence.  It won't be fun.  It's won't be easy.  If it's an 11am kickoff, tech could be in trouble.  That being said: 1-4(1-1)

Dr. Optimist: West Virginia
Payback part two for the 2017 season in full swing.  Tech will have a ton of momentum for this game and a reminder of last season's game could go a long way.  They take care of business and clear another bad taste form last year off the menu.  5-1(3-0)

Mr. Negative: West Virginia 
The more things change, the more they stay the same.  West Virginia has Tech's number.  I don't know how they got it.  I don't know why they got it.  This game will be ugly from the word go, on both sides of the ball.  The losing is starting to take a toll and the team will be out for the count.  1-5(1-2)

Dr. Optimist: Iowa State
Nobody comes in to Tech's house and pushes them around.  That better be the mantra for this game after the egg that was laid the year before.  After an emotional win the week before, this game will be closer than the fans like, but Tech comes up with a late Field Goal after a defensive stop to slip past Iowa State at home.   6-1(4-0)

Mr. Negative Week 8: Iowa State
After the loss last year and the start for this season so far, Tech may have already fired their head coach.  I expect Gibbs to be named the interim head coach for the rest of the year by now.  The Team will get up for his first game and get the win, but it won't be a good week to be a Red Raider.  2-5 (2-2)

Dr. Optimist Week 9: Oklahoma
Facing the Big 12 Favorites in Norman does not bode well for Texas Tech.  Then again, anything can happen.  A 5-7 team under Tuberville sat through a lighting delay eating PB and J's and came out and broke a 70+ home winning streak.  It has since been broken many times since then.  Hard to pick Tech here, but it won't be a lack of effort or heroics from a former QB in Lubbock that does them in.  The Sooners are that good.  6-2 (3-1)

Mr. Negative Week 9: Oklahoma
The roller coaster part of the season starts now for Tech.  After a high of Gibbs' first win, the train comes off the rails vs the Sooners in Norman.  Mayfield may not be the difference but the Sooner D-Line will be.  Shimonek will spend more time on his back than on the plane getting back and forth.  Injuries are everywhere and the season can't end fast enough.  2-6 (2-3)

Dr. Optimist Week 10: K-State
This is a game where the student will become the master.  If there is one game the Red Raiders will play error free, it's this one.  Penalties and turnover will be low.  They will manage the clock well and don't let the Wildcats back into the game, ever.  Not an easy win but a secure win.  7-2 (4-1)

Mr. Negative Week 10: K-State
Two words.  Bill Synder.  2-7(2-4)

Dr. Optimist Week 11: Baylor
When Tech was down, Baylor got an upswing.  RGIII took over and ran away for a bit.  Last season, with nothing on the line The Red Raiders pulled out a victory.  This year will be much easier.  Controlling the game from the word go.  Both teams will score, but look for a double digit win in Arlington.  8-2(5-1)

Mr. Negative Week 11: Baylor
New coach, same talent.  While this game is played in Arlington, it will feel like a game in Waco with no fan support.  For the second or third time in this game setting, Tech will feel like the road team.  2-8(2-5)

Dr. Optimist Week 12: TCU
It's senior day, and the Tech fans will be in force to watch a TCU game and a chance for a 9 win season.  Game Day won't be here because the Frogs won't hold up their portion of excitement.  The defense will win the day after stopping the frogs more often than not.  TCU may go into their bag of tricks a little to keep it close.  Tech gets number 9 and Shimonek leads the band just like his head coach did years before.  9-2(6-1)

Mr. Negative Week 12: TCU
A Friends and Family game at the Jones for Senior Day.  Why friends and family? They will be the only ones there.  The seniors pull together to gain a little respect in their last game in the Jones.  Tech gets the win, but the season is long over.  3-8(3-5)

Dr. Optimist Week 13: UT
The fact that this game is the day after Thanksgiving may not bode well for the Red Raiders.  Their new coach will be playing for his fans and tradition.  Texas has talent.  There is no doubt of that little fact.  A late sack or pick may seal it for Texas but it will be one of the better games in Austin.  9-3(6-2)

Mr. Negative Week 13: UT
The players have long since quit.  A new coach is on the way in and flights back to Lubbock are few and far between.  There maybe even a few that didn't make it to this game.  The season ends with a whimper and the Eyes of Texas will be heard all night.  The off season starts Saturday and the is work to be done.  3-9(3-6) 

Dr. Optimist Week Overall:
A bowl game is all that will stand the the way if Tech's first 10 win season under Kingsbury.  I won't speculate on where that game will be or who it will be against.  The Defense takes a huge step forward and Tech fans look at next season like they did in '09.  This time the coach will use this year as a recruiting tool and bring more talent to the Hub City and it will be the first of many to go well for Texas Tech.

Mr. Negative Week Overall:
Death, taxes, and a losing season.  Those are about the only things you can count on anymore as Red Raider Fans.  Basketball season will start early for the hype train after early losses and the off season will be all about bringing in a new coach and new player to turn things around.  It's won't be easy.

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