Double T 97-3 Answers...Sept 6th

Double T 97-3 Answers...Sept 6th

Nic Shimonek Nic Shimonek

The Double T 97-3 Staff answers "What was your biggest takeaway from Tech's football season opener?"

Chuck Heinz - The Morning Drive

The fact that you had third and short, sent in a back to run it short and that everyone in the stadium knew that Nisby was getting the ball and that  with blocking up front  he was able to get the first down with ease.

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive

I think after watching the Tech game on Saturday I feel better about the Red Raiders chances to be a bowl team this season but I am also not ready to go all in. Not because Tech didn't play well,  but rather because I just don't know how good Eastern Washington will be this year.

With that being said, I liked what we saw from Shimonek and the rest of the offense. The offensive line was better than last year and the run game with Stockton and Nisby showed signs of improvement as well. 

The defense also appeared to be better than a season ago. Giving up just 2.2 yards per rushing attempt and forcing three turnovers was very nice to see.

Zach Logsdon - The Morning Drive

Not only did you beat a team you were supposed to beat (although David Pollack might disagree), you thoroughly dominated them. After a rough start, the offense was efficient and explosive and the defense shut down what we thought was a pretty good offense coming in. There's a chance Eastern Washington isn't great this year, but I think you have to be pleased with the effort and execution shown on Saturday. 

Chois Woodman - The Bottom line

My biggest takeaway: Texas Tech was solid in its execution. The Red Raiders were 100 % ready to go and it showed. I was very impressed with the defense. Even though it was against an FCS team - holding a team to 10 points is true progress. The defense looked more disciplined than it has in years, and playmakers made plays. Offensively, Tech looked like a typical Tech offense should. The game went about as well as you could have asked, due in large part to execution. 

Aaron Dickens - Tech Talk

Texas Tech's defense is better. No idea how much better, but it's better. 

Marissa Crawley - Tech Talk

During the offseason, there was curiosity on how Nic would run this offense, but the main concern was defense. There were some obvious improvements with the defensive group on Saturday. The additions to this group are already making an impact on the field. We see Tony Jones get his first sack and later in the game an interception. The other addition this year, Sikes made his mark by getting a pick six. Obviously, this is only the first game, but if this is where Texas Tech is at defensively, I like it.

Jeff McGuire - Sunday Sports Blitz

Minus one sickness that was announced at the start of the game, you left the game as healthy as you entered it.  You were able to run you offense and defense the entire game with zero cramping.  You had depth that could handle more of a load.  It was not just three or four guys that Tech was counting on for any given play.  That could bode well for the season if they can keep that up.    

Andres Flores - Sunday Sports Blitz and High School Fan Zone

My biggest takeaway was that Nick is going to be alright. Before the season I was very comfortable with Nick because of the fifth year senior factor and because of the Kliff Kingsbury QB factor. Pretty damn good for a season debut. Is he gonna win the Heisman? No. He he the second coming of Patrick Mahomes II? No. But he is someone who is going to give his team a chance to win each week. People were jumping off the Shimonek train after the first 2 series. Congratulations you played yourself!! 384 yards with 3 touchdowns, what else do you want? The stands were half empty, you didn't even show up to watch. Nick Shimonek is gonna be alright, the offense will not miss a beat.

Chris Williamson - Sunday Sports Blitz

My biggest takeaway was the improvement of the defense and our ability to get takeaways. We were +3 in that category. We also didn't allow any points in the 2nd how. I realize that it's a small sample size but I think it cause for a little excitement.

Zach Sparkman - Producer Extraordinaire

I had several takeaways from Saturday's game, but the biggest was how impressive the Tech defense looked. I know Eastern Washington is an FCS school and it's important to not overreact based on what happens when playing FCS teams. However, this is an FCS team that scored more points against Washington State last season than any team in the PAC 12 did. So while I'm not expecting Tech to jump to the top 50 in total defense based on this game, this is offense is closer to what you'll see in conference play than Stephen F Austin. I saw the defensive line putting pressure on the QB and getting into the backfield. Dakota Allen and Jordyn Brooks who entered the game with high expectations lived up to them for the most part, and the secondary while helped out by a few errant passes forced turnovers and the new faces looked sharp. I know this is one game against one of, if not the worst opponents the Red Raiders will see all season, but to hold them to 10 points is a lot better than giving up 20-30 points like many predicted.

Kyle Stafford - Producer Extraordinaire

My biggest takeaway from the game Saturday was the play of the defense, holding the Eagles to only 10 points.  Going into the game I was concerned with the Eastern Washington offense, but the Red Raider defense  did a great job getting stops and forcing turnovers.  While Eastern Washington is an FCS school, they have plenty of talent so it was great to see the defense stand tall against a high powered offense.  We'll see if they can repeat this performance in two weeks against Arizona State. 

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