Double T 97-3 Answers... Sept 9th

Double T 97-3 Answers... Sept 9th

The Double T 97-3 staff answers the question, "Who will have a better record in their respective conferences, The Dallas Cowboys or the Houston Texans?"

Chuck Heinz - The Morning Drive

Cowboys.  They're the superior team.  Better quarterback, skill players and while the defense may have some challenges they at least know how to win and have been there.  Texans have a big question still at QB and if JJ Watt doesn't stay healthy then its another 8-8 season or worse for Houston.  

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive

Although I think the Cowboys will be the better team in 2017, I think the Texans will have the better conference record. That has everything to do the schedules in front of these two teams. While the Cowboys schedule is thought to be the toughest in the NFL and includes two match-ups each with three good teams in the NFC East, the Texans division (AFC South) may be the worst in football. So, count me in as thinking the Cowboys will go farther in the playoffs but have worse conference record.

Zach Logsdon - The Morning Drive

The Texans and Cowboys will both go 10-6 this year. Dallas will be the better team, but play a significantly tougher schedule. Dallas plays the NFC and AFC west along with their own division as well as Green Bay, Atlanta and Kansas City. Houston gets 6 games against the cream puff AFC South (or 4 if you're high on the Titans) and the AFC North which I think will be down this year aside from the Steelers.

Aaron Dickens - Tech Talk

The Cowboys. 

Chris Level - Tech Talk

Dallas Cowboys, but, barely. Hard to really say too without knowing the fate of Zeke Elliott. 

Jeff McGuire - Sunday Sports Blitz

For me this question breaks down to who has the tougher schedule and who has the tougher conference.  Both of these teams I see making the playoffs.  Both of them could win 10+ games.  But where will those 10 win lead them?  10 wins in the AFC might be good enough for 4th place behind the Pats, Chiefs and Raiders.  10 wins in the NFC might just make 2nd.  Green Bay is going to be good.  Atlanta is coming off the Super Bowl loss and I expect them to take  step back.  I see Dallas in the mix with Seattle, and Arizona battling for the 2nd seed right now.  The AFC is stacked at the top with good teams.  The path is easier for Dallas.  

Zach Sparkman - Producer Extraordinaire

While I believe it will be close, I say the Texans. Even though the QB spot remains a question mark for what feels like their entire existence, JJ Watt will be back, and they play Blake Bortles, and the possibly Andrew Luck-less Colts twice, as well as, being matched up with the Rams and 49ers for their cross conference matchup. That paired with Cowboys tough schedule and Ezekiel Elliott's pending suspension gives Houston the edge in my opinion with 10-12 wins.

Kyle Stafford - Producer Extraordinaire

How many games will Zeke Elliott play this season?  Is it going to be all 16, or does he end up missing 2,4, or even 6?  That one factor makes all the difference in the Cowboys season.  If Elliott misses no more than four games, the Cowboys will go 10-6 which will be good enough for the fourth best record in the NFC.  They won't win the division, but will clinch the Wild Card.  Over in Houston, the Texans will finish their usual 9-7, but it won't be enough to win the division this time around. It will be the sixth best record in the AFC and they sneak in to the second Wild Card. 

Robby Dobbs - Producer Extraordinaire

Who will have a better chance of finishing higher in their conference is easy, its the Texans. Now that being said I know that it might seem that I’m biased considering I am from the great city of H-town but trust me when I say this decision is purely based on sports. Dallas is a great team and they have arguably one of the most loaded offenses in the NFL with a currently “in-progress” defense that at times can look pretty good, however the cowboys are in the NFC and as we all know the NFC is stacked. I can count roughly 7 teams on the Boy’s schedule who could have a legitimate shot at making a run towards the Super Bowl this year. With the Texans however the story is a little different. The story actually is just a bit of the same every year, The patriots may win 15 or may win 8 or 9 but no matter the record they will be good enough to make the play-offs, once in the play-offs Tom drinks that magic juice from Space Jam and turns from a 40 year old man into Megatron destroyer of all defenses. All that being said though the AFC has done a great job of making slightly embarrassing programs relevant again, The Raiders are looking like they have a real shot at going after the crown if QB1 can stay healthy of course, and the Titans who previously was a gone and forgotten franchise has now climbed back up to some type of relevance. All this being said though the AFC just doesn’t have the same fire power as the NFC, the AFC might contain two of the best teams in the NFL right now but I still don’t see the Texans with the NFL’s number 1 defense and a offense that could surprise people this year finishing worse in their conference than a Dallas team facing the world beaters of the wild NFC.

Overall Totals

Dallas - 6

Houston - 3

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