Double T 97-3 Answers... Oct 25th

Double T 97-3 Answers... Oct 25th

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The Double T 97-3 Staff answers "Do you still think Texas Tech will make it to at least 6-6 and make a bowl game?" 

Chuck Heinz - The Morning Drive
Yes, I think they still have a shot at 7-5.  Now its up to the offense and some one to kick the ball thru the pipes.  Time to suck it up and just do it.  The defense is doing its job.  You can no longer afford the turnover or the penalties.

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive
Yes, I still think Texas Tech will make it to a bowl game. There has been more good than bad for this Red Raider football team and I believe there best football is in front of them. I'm still really disappointed that this could have been a 8 or 9 win team but to me this team still has a good chance to win 6 or 7.

Zach Logsdon - The Morning Drive
It's going to be really tough. For all of this coaching staff's warts, I think the inability to "bounce back" is the worst. It seems like one loss turns into two turns into three more than just about any team in the country that has an ounce of talent (sorry Kansas). Ultimately, I think no. I think the Red Raiders split Baylor-K State and lose the rest. I hope I'm wrong. 

Geoff Haxton - The Bottom Line
I picked 6-6 before the start of the season. I think it finishes there. So much can happen and change week to week. I still like the Red Raiders in a surprise win and a W over Baylor or K-state. 

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line
While the Iowa State game is a tough pill to swallow, I try to not be too reactionary as a college football fan. The last 5.5 quarters Tech has played have not been good, but there has been plenty of good throughout the season. I still believe Tech will be a bowl bound team, though I'm not betting on much more than a couple more wins this season. K-State and Baylor are still very winnable games - everything else looks further and further away. 

Zach Sparkman - The Bottom Line
Yes I believe so, the 2 games that I still think are winnable are Kansas State and Baylor. Tech will have to play much better than they have the last 5.5 quarters to win either of those games but I’m going to believe or hope that the Iowa State game can serve as a wake up call and get the team offense in particular to playing close to how they did in the first 5 games

Jeff McGuire - The Sunday Sports Blitz
Getting to 6-6 got a lot harder after the beating last week.  We have seen good football from this team this year.  Houston and Arizona State were good wins.  The loss to Oklahoma State hurt, but it was a quality loss from the stand point of playing good football.  I am not ready to give up hope for a bowl game just yet.  Baylor has been in games but not crossed the finish line yet.  I am still not sure who Texas and K-State are just yet.  While the OU game does not look good, the last time I said that, Tuberville lead a team into Norman and won.  Give me 6-6.  But it is an up hill climb.

Chris Williamson - The Sunday Sports Blitz
I believe that there are 2 extremely winnable games in K-State and Baylor and Texas aren't world beaters either. That being said our offense can not play the way it has the last 1 1/2 games. The defense has continued to carry us, the offense just needs to catch up. So I think we can. Probably gonna be some ugly looking last five games though.

Kyle Stafford - the Sunday Sports Blitz
The way Texas Tech has looked the last six quarters on offense doesn't give me much confidence going forward.  I think Baylor and Kansas State are winnable games, but they won't be easy. The defense has played really well and will continue to keep this team in games, but the question is will the offense wake up?

Robby Dobbs - Producer Extraordinaire

Yes. As unfortunate as it is I think we all knew Tech would drop a few games, we still are a much improved team from last year and should still be able to get at least two more wins. It won’t be easy but it is very much possible.

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