Bring me Chaos

Bring me Chaos

CF-Playoff CF-Playoff

Going back to the now gone BCS, were were always teams early on that could cause enough of a stink, that they would have to be let in to the club, in place of a traditional power.  They were the undefeated teams late in the year that demanded they be paid attention to.  Then you would have two power teams from the same conference battling it out only to lose to each other.  When Alabama and LSU rematched for the championship game it was the beginning of the end.  

Now college football fans have a new problem to contend with.  A power five team every year will be left out of the Final Four.  It has been the PAC 12 and Big 12 missing out so far.  In order for a playoff expansion something big needs to happen.  

Let's start at the top, Alabama needs to keep being Alabama.  They need to roll through the SEC like they are expected to do.  They need to meet another team on this list in the Championship game and win.  Not destroy them, but win.  That will lock them into the top four and lead to the rest of the list.

Spot number two needs to go to the other team in the SEC that is rolling along.  That is the Georgia Bulldogs.  A meeting in the SEC championship game with Alabama won't get them in, unless it is close.  Very close, like less that 3 points.  A 21-20 game or even a double or triple overtime finish will put them in.  Their only loss came in a championship game vs the number one team and it was that close.  

Now the fun starts.  If you really want a playoff expansion this one may hurt a little.  Notre Dame needs to keep winning.  Their only loss at that point would be to the number two team on this list and that loss was by one point.  It was early in the year.  When neither team was playing at full tilt. Plus, and I know that this shouldn't matter but it does, the fans will go nuts.  TV ratings will be through the roof for both sides of the love them or hate them will be watching.  A one loss Fighting Irish squad would make a compelling participant in the College Football Playoff.

All three of those have to happen.  If anyone of those statements is not true at the end of the year, then we will have to wait for another chance to force a bigger playoff.  Now two or more of these next statements need to happen.  The more that do happen, the faster a playoff will come.

Tipping point number one is TCU needs to run the table in the Big 12.  They still need to win in Norman vs the Sooners.  They still need to beat Texas at home and Tech on the road.  They then need to win the Big 12 Championship game.  Oklahoma could replace TCU here if they run the table and make up a loss to ISU, but I just feel like TCU has the inside track.

Clemson needs to run the rest of the table for them.  Their loss to the Orangemen hurts their chances, but finishing strong in the ACC and winning the title game will have the National Champions back in the mix.  While last shouldn't matter in the current season, it does.  They are still the champs and a bad loss won't keep them out by itself.  They are not a lock, but they are still in the hunt.

Penn State has looked good this season.  This weeks match-up with Ohio State will tell us a lot about the Big 10.  It has #2 and #6 meeting up in the horseshoe.  The Buckeyes already have a loss on the year to OU, so the Nittany Lions get the nod for the win to promote chaos.  Penn State finishing perfect would add another power five team in the mix for the final spot.

Wisconsin makes for an interesting challenger to this list.  They are also perfect on the year and if they keep going they will meet Penn State in the Big 10 championship game.  If they can do what Georgia needs to do in the SEC and just barley lose, their resume compares to ever one else on the list.  A win over Penn State would look huge for them to get in, but I don't think it will help a playoff expansion.

So there you have it college football fans.  If you want a bigger playoff, with more chances for your team to make a title run, and more football root for these teams.  If they play one close to your heart I apologize ahead of time.  Growing hurts, and I will take a little pain now to get a better playoff in the future.

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