Double T 97-3 Answers: September 4th

Double T 97-3 Answers: September 4th

Alan Bowman Alan Bowman

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This week we answer the question, "What was the most frustrating part for you in the loss to Ole Miss?"

Jamie Lent - Morning Drive and Press Box

I think the most frustrating part for me was some key penalties by the Red Raiders that came at really bad times. Whether is was a targeting penalty that extended a drive or the unsportsmanlike penalty that pushed you back from the 2 yard line to the 17 yard line and ultimately you don't get any points on that drive.

The most disappointing part on the other hand was the play of the defense. I believed Ole Miss was going to be a good offense and would put up plenty of points vs Tech, I just didn't think they would make it look that easy. However, missing some key guys was probably a big factor in the Tech defensive struggles as well.

Jon Sokoloff - Fox 34 Sports and End of the Bench

The growing pains from the youth under center. Alan Bowman showed a lot of promise in Saturday's loss, but the inexperience was clear. On some key moments in the game when it was third or fourth and short, it didn't look like he was quite in rhythm with the other guys. After the game Kliff Kingsbury said he will let Duffey and Bowman both get a lot of reps this week, and I think the starter against Lamar will have to prove to Kliff they are comfortable, polished, and know the offense. 

Jeff McGuire - End of the Bench and Bottom Line

While the offensive production was not what we wanted in any way, the defense was not a sharp as they needed to be and the penalties were back with a vengeance, the most frustrating part to me was the punting game.  Yeah I know it way out there but take away the one punt that rolled forever, four punts for 125 is not enough.  You had the chance to pin them deep in their end after they had a terrible punt.  You return the favor with an added few yards.  None of the punts int he game were what I would call Big 12 worthy.  It didn't cost you the game, it won't win you a game unless you are the guy from Texas last year, but man was it frustrating.

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line

The most frustrating part of the Ole Miss loss is simple for me. It was the defensive side of the ball for Texas Tech. We knew the Red Raiders were going to have questions on offense (which remain), but the #806D was supposed to be much better this year and show big improvement. It was a very thin secondary on Saturday, but it struggled mightily and has tons of room for improvement. 

Adam Doyle - The Bottom Line

A one game sample is never enough to define a team. With that being said, the “#Thingshavechanged” hashtag was painfully incorrect for the Red Raiders in Houston.  Ejections and injuries played a factor on both sides of the ball, but they aren’t viable excuses for getting blown out in a game in which you were favored.  The most baffling parts of the performance against Ole Miss were the complete lack of discipline that led to mind-numbing penalties and special teams units still appearing to be mediocre at best.  Tech had a golden opportunity on national television to shift the narrative about this program under Kliff Kingsbury; instead the fanbase will have to wait until the Red Raiders make a trip to Stillwater to know whether Saturday was an aberration or the constant.

Zach Sparkman - Press Box and Tech talk

I don’t want to be that guy, but the officiating was very frustrating, Tech was on the wrong end of some bad calls and no calls the targeting no call on Zach Austin early, and the missed pass interference on TJ Vasher stand out most. But Tech still had plenty of chances to do so. I will say run defense what was a strong unit last year gave up over 7.5 yards a carry and 210 yards total, that must get better if Tech wants to have a chance to be competitive this season.

Garrett Luft - Coors Light Post Game Show

For me, it was the appearance that nothing has changed about the program. I think that just makes a bigger mess of the fan base and of expectations. I think Kliff Kingsbury looked and sounded as surprised as he ever has with what happened. I truly think he expected to see a much different outcome. In fairness, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. And sometimes you can't help that at all. My biggest disappointment otherwise was that the starting QB was McLane Carter. Unfortunately, that was changed by his injury, which was one of many unforeseen disasters that struck the Red Raiders on Saturday. While I never want anyone to get hurt, I don't see Carter having much more upside than the true freshman, and I'd like to grow with the young guy. As much as it may surprise people, I still think this is a 7-win team or better.

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