Double T 97-3 Answers 10-09

Double T 97-3 Answers 10-09


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This week the Double T 97-3 staff answer "What is most to blame for the Cowboys offensive woes and why?"

Chuck Heinz - The Morning Drive

I think it all starts at the top with Jerry and Stephen Jones. The refusal to get a franchise quarterback and downfield receiver(s) plus a true replacement for Jason Witten will keep the Cowboys out of the Super Bowl if not playoff chase. 

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive and The Press Box

I would put the biggest blame on the Cowboys offensive problems on GM Jerry Jones. There is just not enough weapons in the offense to help Dak and Zeke. Yes, the offensive line is banged up and not quite as good as we hoped they would be and that is a big factor. But the Wide Receiver position and Tight End spot just don't scare any defense you are facing. So, teams are going to load the box to stop Zeke Elliot. Without the threat of any of these receivers hurting you, it is going to be tough going for Elliot all year long. Jones didn't replace, Dez Bryant and he didn't replace Jason Witten and the Cowboys are paying for it. That is all on Jones.

Zach Logsdon - The Morning Drive and End of the Bench

I think everyone save Ezekiel Elliott and Travis Frederick are to blame. The offensive line has not been as good as they are reported (or paid for that matter) to be, no receiver can create separation and there have been issues with effort and catching, Dak has not progressed to the level that the prior reason would be diminished (I'm a big Dak guy but there's at least 3 QB's succeeding with just as poor of a supporting cast), and the coaching...oh boy. At least we knew Scott Linehan was a below-par OC, but the gutlessness we saw in the 4th quarter and OT was in my opinion a new low for Jason Garrett. Other than that though, things are going pretty swimmingly. 

Jon Sokoloff - End of the Bench and Fox34 Sports

The conservative play by this team last night was why they lost. By not going for it on 4th and 1 in OT, with 5 minutes left, not only showed lack of aggression but was essentially guaranteeing Dallas a tie or a loss. Conservative teams don't win big/close games.

Jeff McGuire - End of the Bench and Bottom Line

The nominees are, Jason "I like to clap a lot and not got for it on 4th down and 1" Garrett, Scott "you mean we don't have to run the same play every time" Linehan, Dak "I was a 4th round pick what did you expect" Prescott, The "We got old and slow fast" O-line, and The "Stone hands, turtle speed" Wide Receivers.  

And the winner is.... Jerry "I want me some glory hole" Jones.  Jerry, I love you as an owner.  You act like winning is the most important thing.  You will write any check to make that happen.  As a GM, this team is lacking on talent on the offensive side of the ball.  That is on you.  Yes, you put money into the O-line and running backs.  Yes, you avoided the biggest mistake in the history of the world by not drafting Johnny football.  I understand why you passed  on guy like JJ Watt and Jaylon Smith over Michael Thomas in the second round.  You have traded for and signed no one that is helping this offense that lost #88 and #81 this past off season.   Jerry, fire the GM.  Fire the OC.  Bring in people that will get you to the glory hole again.

Chois Woodman -  The Bottom Line

The main reason for the Cowboys offensive woes comes down to lack competency in play-calling, followed by a talent deficiency in a close second. Scott Linehan overthinks himself way too often. This team is best when it's running the football and controlling the clock, but for some reason Linehan refuses to do that as much as he should. To top it off, the Cowboys' receiving corps might be the worst in the NFL in the last 5-10 years. That all adds up to a very below-average offense. 

Rob Verby - The Press Box and Fox34 Sports

This is a loaded question, full of answers, I think.  The QB only being a bus driver, the receivers only being average, injuries up front, Frederick being out.. and play calling not creative enough..  Plus a coach playing not to lose against Houston.  Zeke can only do so much.

Zach Sparkman - The Press Box and Tech Talk

I’ll say lack of creativity, the receivers are a problem, Dak hasn’t been very good. But a better, more creative offensive scheme could help fix both of those issues. It could open up receivers and make Dak’s job easier as well as getting Zeke involved in a variety of ways.

Garrett Luft - Coors Light Post Game Show and Saturday Morning Quarter Back

Jerry Jones. That is my default answer to any issues with the Cowboys.  If I have to be more specific, I'll say the injuries to the O-line and a very un-inventive play-caller. But who cares? Why waste that time? WE'RE ALL CHIEFS FANS NOW, BABY!!!! 5-0!!!

Luke Lyles - Producer Extraordinaire

It’s clear that the Boys don’t have that elite threat at WR. Every good offense in the NFL has their “Go To” WR that they can count on in the red zone and on big 3rd/4th down plays. Dak doesn’t look comfortable throwing it down field to anyone on the team. The few times he does take a shot deep, we can’t seem to come down with it. I think if we can some how get Dez back on this team we will see a brand new looking offense.

Jake Archer - Producer Extraordinaire 

I could write a soliloquy on how bad this Cowboy offense is but I’ll just stick to the most important part.

First and foremost, let’s end the Dak discussion: he’s not a very good quarterback. “But he doesn’t have a receiving core!? The scheme is bad!?! And the offensive line is banged up!!” blah blah blah, I don’t care. Yes, all of those statements are true, but Dak Prescott is not that good, despite those problems. People like to compare him to Russel Wilson. He’s not; not even close. If you don’t believe me, go rewatch that Seattle game in week 3 and compare him to what Wilson did, with one of the worst o-lines in football and an equally depleted receiving core and no Doug Baldwin. Don’t remember? Wilson went 61% passing, 192 yds, 2tds, no picks. How did Dak do with a better offensive line and all of his WRs healthy? 55% passing, 168 yds, 1td, 2 picks. He has failed to throw over 200 yards in 11 of his last 21 games. “Well Jake he threw over 200 Sunday night, so hah!” Yes, he did. 202. And 29 of those yards were in overtime, meaning in 4 quarters of action, he had 173. Another game under 200 yards with 1td and 2 picks. I don’t know why anyone who wants the Cowboys to succeed would be ok with that. You shouldn’t be. Which is why, when April comes around, you should hope the Cowboys draft Justin Herbert or Will Grier. Dak is not the answer folks, just accept it for what it is.

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