Double T 97-3 Answers 10-23

Double T 97-3 Answers 10-23

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This week the Double T 97-3 Staff answers "Rank the next three games for the Red Raider football team hardest to easiest with a quick explanation as to why."

Chuck Heinz - The Morning Drive

#1 Iowa State, 11am game, seem to be healthy, QB play plus Vasher and Wesley are

deadly with a running game that 's coming from virtually any of them and the defense has been substantially better especially in Big 12 play and especially in getting off the field and not giving up huge plays

#2 OU, Tech seems to have their number at home no matter who is wearing the Double T, they concern me with the QB play but don't seem to be as imposing this year.  They'll get better on defense with Ruff as the DC.  Those kids will play hard for him.

#3 Texas, if they're still undefeated and if Tech has lost the other two then stopping the streak is going to be very difficult.  

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive and Press Box

1-Iowa St.--Ames has been a tough place to play for the Red Raiders in recent year. They've got a balanced offensive attack and solid defense.

2-Oklahoma--Kyler Murray scares me but if Tech is clicking on all cylinders offensively, I think the Red Raiders can win a shootout.

3-Texas--Which Texas team will show up in Lubbock? They are so inconsistent on offense which I think gives Tech a great chance. Let's hope Tech can finally find a way to beat the Horns in The Jones.

Zach Logsdon - The Morning Drive and End of the Bench

1. OU - Despite the outcome of the Red River whatchamacallit, I think this is the best team in the Big 12. The early returns from the change in defensive coordinator seem fairly promising. Plus, this is the team most likely to take Tech in a shootout (see 2016).

2. Iowa State - The last two outings have been abysmal or worse for the Red Raiders, and Ames is always a tough proposition. They seem to have figured out the offense with yet another midseason quarterback switch and David Montgomery is a LOAD to handle. This has been the best defensive team against the Kingsbury offense alongside TCU for a while.

3. Texas - All the talent in the world, but if Shane Buechele is rolling out there behind center it means basically nothing. Tech should have a 3-game streak against the Horns, and this one could be in prime time. 10-year College Gameday reunion anyone?

Jeff McGuire - The End of the Bench and The Bottom Line

1. UT, After all the changes they have made, Texas finally looks like "Texas" again.  The game being here would help, but Tech's home Big 12 home record is not so great right now. 

2. OU, I worry that this game will be a carbon copy of the Pat Mahomes vs that guy in Cleveland now.  The sooner Offense looks unstoppable and their defense looks a lot like the Tech D from a few year ago.  I expect a high scoring affair with the team with the ball last wins type game.

3. ISU, by default.  I am as nervous about this game as the others.  Iowa State has a 2 game winning streak, 11 am kickoff, and they are coming off a bye week.  If Tech comes out flat, it could be a long flight home for the Red Raiders.

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line and The End of the Bench

1. ISU. Tech has struggled with Iowa State teams the past couple of years, and this is one of the hottest teams in the conference right now. 

2. Oklahoma. Kyler Murray and the OU offense is really solid. However, the OU defense is still a bit suspect, so that leaves some room for Texas Tech to get a victory. 

3. Texas - This is a beatable team that I think Texas Tech matches up really well with this year. That being said: Texas Tech has lost games against Texas in the last decade where the Red Raiders were the better team.

Adam Doyle - The Bottom Line

1. Texas - Physical football team right after 2 grueling weeks against ISU and OU.

2. OU - This team is you offensively with better talent at most positions.

3. Iowa State - Extremely winnable game but will test Tech's discipline for 4 quarters.

 Rob Verby - The Press Box and Fox34 Sports

1. OU, Kyler Murray legit dual threat.  Sooners are dynamic on offense.

2. At ISU, young QB Purdy’s good, Montgomery always dangerous running the ball.. Never easy place to play.

3. UT - I think the Horns are beatable, overrated..

Zach Sparkman - The Press Box and Tech Talk

This is tough as we’ve seen good and bad from all three teams and all three will be tough to win but I will rank them

1 Oklahoma they’ve been the most consistently good team of the three while the defense is still not good and Tech with a healthy Alan Bowman should put up plenty of Kyler Murray and Lincoln Riley still scare me too much 

2 Texas they’ve struggled playing to the level of their competition but Ehlinger seems to have turned a corner and their defensive front is tough plus Tech hasn’t beaten the longhorns in Lubbock since THAT game

3 Iowa State I really wish Tech could’ve played them 3-4 weeks ago before they hit their stride with Brock Purdy and a healthy David Montgomery but something about the way Techs played on the road that “dog mentality” Coach Kingsbury mentioned after the TCU game gives me confidence that Aimes might not be the house of horrors it’s been 

Garrett Luft - Coors Light Post Game Show

1. Oklahoma- Kliff hasn’t found the right potion yet against OU, and the Sooners have the best scheme to create matchup problems for your defense.

2. Iowa State- Road game against a hot team that has owned you in embarrassing fashion recently. But I think you match up well defensively. Can Bowman be sharp in an environment that is unique?

3. Texas- I think UT has a little Fool’s Gold quality to them right now. And regardless, you’ve had their number recently. You match up well against them on both sides of the ball, AND Kliff is a due for that signature home win. Much better chance here than OU. I wish this one came first.

David Thetford - Sports Talk w/ Thetford and Ashby

1. Iowa State - They have owned us the last 2 years; Playing as well as anyone in the conference now; 11:00 AM start time (We don’t start until around 12:30 or 1:00); Road Game

2. Oklahoma - Fired Mike Stoops (Defense will probably be better); Lincoln Riley knows us well but we know him too; Mobile QB

3. Texas - Overrated; This is one I expect us to win (Could be because I can’t stand the Longhorns).

Cassie Carlson - Fox34 Sports

1. OU: Extremely explosive on offense. Kyler Murray can take off.

2. Iowa St: Team that keeps improving, beat WVU then had a bye, so an extra week to prep for Tech.

3. UT: I think Tech understands the importance of the game every year and will play with a chip on their shoulder. Plus it’s at the Jones. Texas gets more praise because it’s Texas. They’re better than recent years, but so is Tech. 

Luke Lyles - Producer Extraordinaire

1. UT - They have been rolling all season and know how to win. Our defense and offense will both need to be at its best.

2. OU - I don’t know that our 806 D can stop Kyler Murray, but I guess we will see. 

3. Iowa State - Tough road game, but a beatable team. Hopefully we can get in and get out of there avoiding the upset.

Jake Archer - Producer Extraordinaire

1) Texas is scary good. Their defense is arguably the best in the Big 12. They dominate the line of scrimmage on both sides and have a great run game. Ehlinger is an underrated dynamic quarterback who can make throws and is instrumental to their power run game. Tech loses this game at home.

2) Oklahoma is not as scary as you think they are. Yes, Kyler Murray and that offense is great, but their defense is putrid. Tech's offense can go toe to toe with OU and Tech's defense is much better. Tech wins a close one.

3) Iowa St. seems scary but they're not. They score the 2nd fewest points in the Big 12 (24.7) and Tech scores the 2nd most (43.9). ISU gave up 37 points and over 400 total yds to OU at home at 11am earlier this year. Tech has revenge in mind and will get an impressive win in Ames.


OU 21 points (5)

ISU 27 Points (4)

UT 30 Points (4)

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