Double T 97-3 Answers 10-31

Double T 97-3 Answers 10-31

Jarrett Culver Jarrett Culver

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This week the Double T 97-3 Staff answer "What are your expectations for the Red Raider Basketball season?"

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive and The Press Box

With so many new guys on this team, it is hard to really know what to expect from this team. However, with the way that the staff has recruited, I don't think it is unfair at all to expect this team to be in the NCAA tournament and finish in the top half of the Big 12 conference. Beyond that, I think it is a complete guess.

Zach Logsdon - The Morning Drive and End of the Bench 

I fully expect this team to finish in the top half of the conference and make the tournament again. You lost a ton from last year's Elite 8 team but I trust Beard, Culver and the defense to be at least that good. I don't expect them to compete for the conference title this season, and I don't fully expect another NCAA tournament run (though that's more due to the crazy nature of the tournament) but I think 25 or more wins again is a real possibility. 

Jeff McGuire - The End of the Bench and The Bottom Line

We start with Big 12 Finish, I expect a top half finish.  Somewhere around the five spot.  Kansas is still tops until they are beaten.  I almost understand the K-State love to start the year, but they are beatable.  West Virginia didn't lose the numbers of players this year that Tech did, but they were two big losses.  Tech can contend of a Big 12 title.  Just need some things go their way, unlike last year.

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line

My expectations for Red Raider basketball this season is to get back to the NCAA Tourney. Anything less would be a disappointment. This is a team that lost a lot from last season, but also is gaining as much as it has since the 90's. The expectation moving forward under Chris Beard should always be to get to the tournament, and in some seasons greater than those expectations. Texas Tech can get into the tournament while still finishing 7th place in the Big 12. The league will be stacked again this season. 

Zach Sparkman -  The Press Box and Tech Talk

I’m very optimistic for the Red Raiders this season. I think Matt Mooney and Jarrett Culver can make up for the scoring punch they lost with Keenan Evans and I expect this team to play the brand of defense Coach Beard and I expect. The thing that can prevent this team from finishing in the top half of the Big 12 and making a run in the tournament is losing the close games they won last year with a younger team working in new pieces.

Garrett Luft - The Coors Light Post Game Show

I have high expectations for this group. There is definitely talent on the floor and maybe even more than was there a year ago. With that said, you've lost mounds of both experience and athleticism (how could you replace the ups of Zach Smith and Zhaire Smith?) in the process. While I usually worry about chemistry in the motion offense, I am less and less convinced that Beard and his team are truly a "motion team." Chemistry may not be as important there, but can Matt Mooney and some other newcomers help Tech score and get to the line in the way they did a year ago (only 10 teams nation-wide shot more free throws in 2017-18).

Where chemistry must be discovered quickly is on the defensive end. Beard's team a year ago was insanely in tune in regards to team defense. Their rotations on the perimeter kept opponents 3-point percentage way down AND Tech was top 25 in the nation in steals and charges taken. Tariq Owens should allow perimeter defenders to be more aggressive since he can clean up the dribble drive or backdoor cut at the rim.

While those are big question marks, I'm betting on Beard and his guys to get another 20-win season and top-4 Big 12 finish. A return to the 2nd weekend of NCAA play and challenging for a Big 12 title will depend on if Jarrett Culver can be as clutch as Keenan Evans. If you get that and Brandone Francis delivers in an increased role, all bets are off on what could be...   

Rene Sarp - Producer Extraordinaire

As we discussed this morning on the End of the Bench, the expectations I have set for this season to consider it a successful season are to finish in the top half of the BIG 12 and make the NCAA tournament as a middle seeded team. My expectations differ from how I think this season will play out though. I believe this squad has more talent than we did last year. I believe we will be seeded somewhere in the 6-3 range and that we have the talent and coaching to make a deep run in the tournament. Just like last season, I believe Tech is underrated heading into the season and it will give Coach Beard and company the chip on their shoulder to surprise a lot of people on the national scene. This team really reminds me of Virginia last year with the style of play and level of talent we possess. 

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