Double T 97-3 Answers 11-07

Double T 97-3 Answers 11-07

Texas Tech vs UT Texas Tech vs UT

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This week the staff answers "What are your 3 keys to the game for Texas Tech to beat Texas Saturday night?"

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive and Press Box

I think 1st and foremost it starts with being able to run the football. You absolutely have to take some pressure of whoever is playing QB.

I also think it will be key to get some pressure on Texas QB Sam Ehlinger. His receivers are not all world but they are definitely good enough to beat you if you give them extra time.

Finally, I think we need to see the good Jett Duffey. Coach Kingsbury and staff have to come up with a game plan that allows him some freedom to be a play maker but also keeps him under control.  He may make some mistakes, but we also have to see him make some plays as well.

Zach Logsdon - The Morning Drive and End of the Bench

I'm so glad you asked. I think first of all you have to figure out how to score points consistently with Duffey. UT has a better defense than OU (not that much better) but they can score enough that 17-24 points isn't going to cut it. At least I don't think it will. Secondly, third down defense is going to be huge. For whatever reason, Sam Ehlinger forgot he was a guy who turned the ball over all the time so I don't believe you can bank on getting a repeat of the Justice Parker pick. You have to get off the field when you have the chance. Finally, I would say establish some kind of running game. That should be aided by Duffey, but it's been a real struggle since the win in Stillwater. I don't know about my colleagues, but if this game is going to be decided by the right arm of Jett Duffey alone, I don't feel great. 

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line

Find a way to get Bowman healthy. I'm kidding...sort of. 

1. Jett Duffey has to make some big plays. He has to play within himself while still taking opportunities given to him. 

2. Establish a running game. Texas Tech has been solid when putting together a balanced offense. 

3. Convert stops into points. The Red Raiders have done a much better job of this, but it will be vital in a game against a quality opponent. 

Jeff McGuire - End of the Bench and The Bottom Line

The very first thing that has to happen for a win is Jett Duffy needs to get the offense going faster. There will not be time for him to get into the flow of the game

Second, The offense can not turn the ball over. This won’t be as big as it was last week, but shrinking your margin of error against a good football team never ends well

Third, the defense will have to keep both Sam Ehlinger and Keaontay Ingram in front of the linebackers. That can mean attacking the line of scrimmage and pocket, but if they break out, it could be a long day for the defense.  

Rob Verby - The Press Box

1. Establish the run with Jett Duffey at QB.

2. Get the crowd into it early with big plays like OU game.

3. Win the turnover battle.

Zach Sparkman - The Press Box and Tech Talk

1 Sam Ehlinger is finally giving longhorn fans hope that might have a decent QB for the first time since Colt McCoy so the Tech D which might be without Dakota Allen, must slow him down 

2 Fix the ground game with Allen Bowman more than likely out Tech must reestablish the run as they’ve struggled to do so since the OSU

3 Special Teams play Techs been very good in this area since the Ole Miss game (as I feverishly knock on wood) if this game plays like the TCU game it will be critical Tech is good in that area again.

Garrett Luft - Coors Light Post Game Show

1. Win the turnover battle- I think these two teams are basically even. What odd moments turn the tide in a team’s favor? Take the ball away from the Horns more than they do you.

2. Force UT into 2nd and Long and 3rd and Long- this goes with number one a little bit, but the Horns are in trouble if they can’t get a steady run game going. Passing will not work in their favor even if it doesn’t lead to turnovers.

3. Big plays early- Tech needs to replicate last week’s hot start to get the crowd in a frenzy. Plus, UT can’t replicate the same type of comeback.

4. Ok, I cheated- find Alan Bowman an iron lung and get him on the field.

Gary Ashby - Sports Talk with Thetford and Ashby

1.  The play at the QB position for  Tech!!!  

2.  The play at QB position for U.T. @ Austin!!! 

3.  It’s the same Officiating Crew that hosed TECH at Iowa St..  TECH really needs a fair crew. Not sure this is one!!!!  Way too much time in the weight room for this bunch. 

Luke Lyles - Producer Extraordinaire

1. Force Ehlinger to make bad decisions putting heavy pressure on every play.

2. Stop the run game early, can’t allow them to run all over us early and get in rhythm.

3. Speed up the offense and wear out Texas defense.

Way easier said than done. We will need to be on our A game.

Jake Archer - Producer Extraordinaire

I do think Tech can beat Texas on Saturday but these three things will be necessary:

1) Jett Duffey must play more efficient football. If the Raiders are to have any chance, Jett must get the offense going quicker than he did against OU. He did not turn the ball over but he can’t afford to do so against a much better Texas defense.

2) Tech must win the turnover battle. If Jett does commit a turnover (and I think he will at least once), the Raiders D has to at least match what Duffey gives away. Texas’ offense isn’t as scary as OU but they can run the ball well and keep it away from Tech.

3) Tech needs to get better production out of their own run game. It’s hard to win games against a good defense when you can’t run the ball efficiently. Jett can make plays with his legs, but the RB core needs to step up for Tech to win.

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