Double T Answers 11-13

Double T Answers 11-13

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This week the Double T 97-3 Staff answer "If Texas Tech finishes at 7 and 5, do you still call it a successful season?"

Chuck Heinz - The Morning Drive

Yes its a success but not the full success you wanted.  I really wanted to see them win one of the big three at home so there'd be a signature win.  However with three Big 12 wins on the road (counting K State) plus Baylor in Arlington you have to call that a success.

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive and The Press Box

I think I would call it more disappointing than successful, but yes I would still put it in the category of successful. 7 and 5 is what I predicted before the season and ultimately that is the way you would end up. I think we all hoped for better and that you would get one of those big wins at home but it didn't happen. However, at the very least those were entertaining games that just didn't go your way in the end.  So, I wouldn't call it a major breakthrough or even highly successful, but I would call it successful. Let's hope it ends up at 8 and 5 and we can feel even a little better about it.

Zach Logsdon - The  Morning Drive and Press Box

I wouldn't call it a resounding success, but 7-5 is improvement upon last year obviously. There's just no game you can point to as this great moment (and that's not happening these next two weeks either), but you also don't have any bad losses with maybe the exception of Ole Miss. Is it better than the 6-6 or 5-7 alternatives? Obviously yes. But I wouldn't say it's cause for a celebration of any sort either. 

Jeff McGuire - End of the Bench, Bottom Line and Sunday Sports Blitz

Last time I checked, 7-5 would be one more win from last year, would have losses vs just 4 teams in the Big 12, a winning record in conference play, a bowl game and finishing on a two game winning streak.  All of those things sound good.  Notice I said good and not great.  Tech won in Stillwater for the first time in for-ev-ver.  They beat TCU with a backup QB on the road, okay neutral site, and again only lost to OU (Preseason Favorite) UT (They are Texas)  ISU (Coach of the year?) and WVU (Heisman runner-up?).  Worst things have happened since the school started playing football.  

Jon Sokoloff - End of the Bench and Fox34 Sports

I would call it a successful season considering the injuries, especially to the QB position. The team had to improvise on many occasions, showed a ton of promise and beat themselves when losing to top 25 teams. They are constantly near the top in the country in offensive yards per game and points per game. 

Geoff Haxton - Voice of Red Raider Basketball and Baseball

I think yes. Finishing 7-5 is a successful season.   No matter what happens in the last two games this will be a season of what-ifs.  I think the staff has done a great job considering all the injuries to quarterback.  The lack of home wins will sting. That sting will linger until a big, conference home win finally happens.  But, if the finishing number is 7-5, with what has happened to the signal callers. It's a successful year.

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line and End of the Bench

Successful is a strong word. But I would consider it close to it when you factor in all circumstances. It's almost cut and dry at this point. If Texas Tech doesn't finish the season at 7-5 then it is a failure. Even with the injury issues, this team should be able to handle mediocre Baylor and Kansas State teams. Texas Tech has gone through a lot of adversity, yet it has shown clear progress. All of that progress would be wiped away without winning the next two. 

Adam Doyle - The Bottom Line

No, even if they win out, Houston might be their best win of the season. Average football resulting in an irrelevant bowl game shouldn't be the standard at Tech. Other programs on Tech's campus are reaching elite status while the football program is as lukewarm as ever. The circumstances of injuries and bad breaks have been unfortunate for Kingsbury, but there is too much money at stake for moral victories.

Rob Verby - The Press Box and Fox 34 Sports

Considering the QB injuries...Yes i would definitely say 7-5 is a successful season... That would also mean you were 5-4 in Big 12 play for the first time in several years. Win a bowl game and feel really good about next year with a healthy Alan Bowman.

Zach Sparkman - The Press Box and Tech Talk

I think so because you seemed to find a quarterback of the future in Allen Bowman and the defense was still solid without forcing as many turnovers as last year. While there have been plenty of disappointments and a lot of games that left you wondering what if, going 7-5 starting while starting 3 different QBs none in more than 4 games in a row while frustrating is an improvement from last year and about the best case scenario of what people were predicting entering the season.

Garrett Luft - Coors Light Post Game Show and Saturday Morning Quarterback

Yes, I do think so. Success to me means progress forward, and I think the 2018 has done that if they go 7-5 by winning the last two that they SHOULD win. Think in terms of business. If your goal is to increase productivity by 80% in five years and you start in Year 1 with 30% growth, up to 50% in Year 2, 55% in Year 3, 65% in Year 4, and then 78% in Year 5. Did you get where you want to go? NO. But do you fire everyone and start over when you've shown steady progress? NO.

Kingsbury has not shown that consistent growth, but I think you've seen real gains in both his approach and the entertainment value (every game has been competitive OTHER than Ole Miss) in this season. Let the man keep trending up. Re-sign him to a SCHOOL-FRIENDLY extension with a minimal buy-out on Tech's end and let him keep the train running.

Gary Ashby - Sports Talk with Thetford and Ashby

Other than the Ole Miss loss at the 1st of the season, Tech has lost to 4 Top 18 teams in the country.  Although we could have won each of those games we did not, but even with those losses I see a team that can compete at a high level!!!  Our young Coach is maturing as a Head Coach.  Because of the improvement that I see I would consider this a successful season, but I can certainly see how others could consider it the other way.  7 and 5 would mean we would play in a Bowl Game and a win in that game would help make me feel better about considering 2018 a success!!!! 

Jake Archer - Producer Extraordinaire 

If Tech finishes 7-5 it is a successful season, no question. Any time a team improves on their record from a previous season it is a success. Aside from the record, the defense has taken another step forward and Tech has its quarterback for the future in Alan Bowman. This is the first time Kliff Kingsbury has had a competitive team on both sides of the ball since his first year coaching. This team is motivated and still fights for wins even when down or injured, which we have not seen in the past few years. Yes, Tech has close losses at home, which sting. But it’s easy to see that this program is headed in the right direction, has shown improvement, and has been a successful season. Rome wasn’t built in a day, people.

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