Kirby Hocutt talks about BOR meeting, facility upgrades

Kirby Hocutt talks about BOR meeting, facility upgrades

Kirby Hocutt Kirby Hocutt

Texas Tech Athletics Director Kirby Hocutt discussed a wide array of topics on his weekly radio show on Double T 97.3 FM in Lubbock on Wednesday. Hocutt spent a good portion of the show discussing some of the items that will be mulled over in the upcoming Board of Regents meeting. 

One of the popular topics every week on The Kirby Hocutt Show is potential for alcohol sales at sporting events for Texas Tech. 

"Obviously we've talked a lot on this show and the question has been asked numerous times about sale of beer and wine in our athletic events, and as we know that requires Board of Regent approval and that's something we'll have the opportunity to talk more about at the appropriate time, as well," Hocutt said. 

Another thing the AD said would be discussed at the BOR meeting is plans to move forward with the renovations to the Football Training Facility. 

Hocutt said they will be seeking BOR approval for second stage planning that would allow them to move forward in searching for a contractor and lining out plans with an architect.

One topic that dominated much of the conversation during the later portion of the show was parking at basketball games.

"We have had a lot of conversation about how we can improve parking services with basketball," he said. "We're just limited - it's a great problem to have, the crowds that we're getting and to have this as an issue - but when you look around the facility we're limited." 

Hocutt did leave open a possibility for building a bigger parking garage in the future. 

"Initially there was a plan - and you can tell - on the north end of the arena to build a parking structure there. Maybe that's a conversation that needs to be brought back to the table and revisited," the AD stated. "Because the crowds aren't going to get any smaller, they're just going to get bigger as we pursue that national championship trophy." 

Hocutt finished the show talked about the new football coaching staff led by Matt Wells and the intensity he has seen on the recruiting trail. 

"Next Wednesday is early signing period. So next Wednesday is a big day for us," the AD said. "They've been on the road constantly talking to the verbals as well as new prospects that are out there that have an interest in Texas Tech. One week left and this staff is working extremely hard. 

Listen to the entire Kirby Hocutt Show here

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