Double T Answers 12-19

Double T Answers 12-19

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This week the Double T 97-3 staff answer, "What are you looking forward to most in 2019 that is sports related and why?"

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive and Press Box

The things I am most looking forward to are...

-Which one of the Tech Spring sports is going to be the first to win that National title? It really doesn't feel like Women's Tennis, Track and Field, Men's Golf, Baseball and maybe even Men's Basketball is that far off.

-What does the Red Raider Football team look like under new head coach Matt Wells and staff? I think all Tech fans are interested in this one.

-Who takes the American League this year?There are so many good young teams (Boston, Houston, New York, Oakland, etc) that should make 2019 just as exciting as 2018.

Jeff McGuire - End of the Bench, The Bottom Line and Sunday Sports Blitz

If I said everything, that would seem like a copout.  But I really am looking forward to 2019.  Will the Men's hoops team make it to the final four, can Tech Baseball bring home the big trophy from Omaha, will Marlene Stollings turn the Lady Raiders around in a single season?  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  The country club sports at Tech are kicking serious you know what.  The Rangers will be filling holes in a pitching rotation that for the moment, I could fit into.  Will Houston win another World Series this year?  Then, the 800 pound gorilla in the room, Will Matt Wells take the football team back to the level of success we want in year one?  These are the questions why I got into sports.  On any given day, something magical can happen.  How can you not be excited for all of it?

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line

I'm looking forward to several things in the 2019 year as far as sports go. 

-First and foremost, I'm excited to see what the spring sports can do for Texas Tech. The Red Raider basketball team is ranked 12th right now, and I think it has a legitimate shot at competing for a Big 12 title this season. I'm anxious to see what that team does in conference play. 

-I'm also very excited to see the Texas Tech baseball team back in action. The Red Raiders are a perennial powerhouse that can always compete for a national title. 

-Next, I am stoked for the Matt Wells era in football. I loved Coach Kingsbury as much as anyone, but Wells brings a new level of energy. I'm excited to see what year one looks like for him.

Adam Doyle - The Bottom Line

Like you, I enjoy the Tech spring sports cleaning up the usual mess a particular fall sport has left out. Men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s tennis, baseball and men’s basketball are all nationally respected.   I’m not sure the elite meat judging team participates in the spring but I’ve heard good things about the rodeo and bass fishing teams as well.  Not to mention Tech baseball has, arguably, the best schedule any Red Raider program has ever had. Everybody wants Matt Wells to work out and Tech football to be “back”. Do yourself a favor and celebrate the programs that are already elite because you might be waiting another decade for Tech football to matter again. Happy Holidays!

Rob Verby - The Press Box and Fox34 Sports

I'm really looking forward to the Big 12 basketball season and then the NCAA tournament... March Madness with Tech lots of fun.  Also, how can you not be excited about watching Tech baseball this year. Preseason number 4 in one ranking... hot diggity dog!

Zach Sparkman - The Press Box and Tech Talk

First, I’m looking forward to seeing Red Raider Basketball begin conference play and look to make another NCAA tournament run Thursday’s game could make me feel more or less excited about this depending on that outcome. I’m looking forward to seeing the Tech Baseball team look to make back to back trips to Omaha and hopefully see Josh Jung drafted in the top 10 of the MLB draft. I’m looking forward to seeing Pat Mahomes and the Chiefs in the playoffs and hopefully I can enjoy an AFC championship game without the patriots for the first time since 2011, and I hope to see the Cowboys and Texans can put their playoff struggles behind them. Lastly I’m excited to see the Matt Wells era of Red Raider football begin and hopefully get a full season of Alan Bowman at QB

Garrett Luft - Coors Light Post Game Show

I’m excited to see Tech sports this spring with expectations being as high as they’ve ever been. Can Tech challenge a young KU squad for Big 12 title? Can Tadlock and company get to the final weekend in Omaha? Those pieces are exciting, and obviously, what will Matt Wells do in year 1? And I I’m hopeful my Cubs will get back to the World Series.

In general, it’s fun to realistically ask those questions above. Not always true that such thoughts were logical rather than just plain laughable. It’s a good time to be sports me.

Jake Archer - Producer Extraordinaire

The thing I’m most looking forward to in 2019 is the growth and development of my favorite teams.

I’m interested if Matt Wells can take this Tech team to the next level. Will Bowman gain some muscle and improve on his exciting Freshman season?  I’d love to see Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl. If not, can he get even better than he already is in the off-season and make another run?  How far will Chris Beard’s coaching take Tech basketball this year? I’m excited to see if this team is better than last years.  I’m excited for the Mavericks to develop Luka Doncic and Dennis Smith Jr. maybe we can be a playoff team again.  And lastly, I hope the Rangers can get things moving in the right direction. I’m losing faith in Jon Daniels but maybe they’ll show signs of improvement this year.

Here’s to growth and development in 2019!

Luke Lyles - Producer Extraordinaire

The Texas Tech men’s basketball team hopefully making a run in the NCAA Tournament. Texas Tech Football bouncing back. Luka Doncic winning Rookie of the Year!

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