Double T Answers: 1-15

Double T Answers: 1-15

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This week the Double T 97-3 staff answers "After starting the season 4-0 in Big 12 play, what will their final big 12 Conference record be and where will they finish?

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive and Press Box

I think the Red Raiders will finish in the top two in the Big 12 with a record of either 14-4 or even 15-3. There is nobody in the conference that Tech can't play with but I also think there isn't any team that can't beat you as well if you have an off night. It has been an awesome start but the Red Raiders still have 14 games to go. Anything can happen.

Rob Verby - The Bottom Line and Fox34 Sports

Dare I say 14-4..Big 12 Title.

Why not?

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line

I expect Texas Tech to finish at either 13-5 or 14-4. Either of which will compete for a Big 12 title. Texas Tech has proven to be a grind-it-out, defensive driven team. There will be nights where the offense costs them games. With 7 remaining road games, I project that Tech will go 4-3 or 3-4 in that stretch. With the six home games left, I think Tech will lose one. 14-4 would probably be a an outright Big 12 title, and 13-5 would most likely be a shared title. 

Zach Sparkman - The Press Box and Tech Talk

While this team has shown the ability to find ways to win despite maybe not playing their best for periods of the game and is 1 road win from matching last season’s total, I believe this conference is too tough to expect anything better than 13-5. I would expect the losses to come on the road at Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa State, and 2 more that come just from having a bad night against someone like K State, or TCU. I can absolutely see this record winning the conference but after how Kansas rallied from a slow start last year I’m not counting them out until fully eliminated, so I’ll say second.

Jeff McGuire - Sunday Sports Blitz

Okay, to be realistic, Splitting KU, ISU and OU.  Sweep OSU, WVU and TCU.  The last in both of those I see going either way.  Add in 1 loss that we just can't explain right now either because of a team shooting lights out from three or shots not falling for the good guys.  Book a 14-4 record.  That maybe good enough for a conference title.  Not too bad for yea 3 under Beard.

Jon Sokoloff - Fox34 Sports

The good news for Red Raider fans is that Texas Tech played it's best conference game of the season on Saturday when they beat Texas in Austin. They are playing at a really high level, and will probably be able to take advantage of other teams being banged up (Azubuike/Kansas, Konate/West Virginia, Lard/Iowa State, etc.). Since the Big 12 has so much parity, they will probably end up losing a few road games and maybe a home game or two. Last season the offense struggled a bit down the stretch, and this year that side of the ball has made some strides and they are arguably better defensively this year as well. Last year the Red Raiders had an 11-7 record in-conference, and that's with Keenan Evans breaking his toe in late February. This year, if there are no significant injuries, the Red Raiders will be 13-5 in the conference and finish in 2nd place behind Kansas. 

Garrett Luft - Coors Light Post Game Show

Until the offense stops having long dry spells, I still can't see winning on the road frequently enough to win the Big 12. It is just too hard. I've got Tech at 12-6 and 2nd in the Big 12 (losses @ KU, KSU, OU, and ISU with room for one home loss and a random "shouldn't have happened" loss at BU, TCU, or OSU). That still puts Tech at 24-7 overall and a 4-seed AT WORST. I'll take it.

I'll add that I feel like my prediction is a worst-case scenario. 14-4 could happen, and I think 14 is the magic number for finally eliminating KU from the Big 12 throne.

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