Double T Answers 1-22

Double T Answers 1-22


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This week the Double T 97-3 staff answer "How would you change the overtime runes in the NFL?"

Chuck Heinz - The Morning Drive

Both teams get the ball and an opportunity to score.

I would let coaches challenge anything they want.  Time to open pandora's box on this.

Jamie Lent - The Morning Drive

I would go to the college rules where everyone gets the same number of opportunities. However, I would start them at the 50 instead of the 25. Make them at least earn a shot at a field goal. 

Zach Logsdon - The Morning Drive

I would only change them in the playoffs. Just play a full quarter, or until a team leads by 2 possessions. I like the fact that NFL resembles real football (field position, actual coaching decisions, special teams) more than college. If neither team leads after one quarter, go to sudden death based on something other than a coin toss to prevent the pearl clutching. Maybe total yards.

Chois Woodman - The Bottom Line

I would adjust both college and NFL overtime rules to make them the same. I would do a version of what the current college game has but adjust it. Move the ball to the 50 yard line to start overtime for both offenses - so it's not a shoe-in to score starting from the 25 like they currently do in college. NFL rules are not great when a coin flip determines so much. There is a scenario in the NFL game when one offense may not get on the field, and I don't like that. 

Zach Sparkman - Press Box and Tech Talk

First of all I believe they need to get rid of regular season ties, do whatever it takes to end that. For rules itself I’d like to see them at the very least let both teams get the ball meaning no walkoff touchdowns on the first drive because as we saw yesterday there’s too many variables playing on teams so for one bad play or call to end a game doesn’t seem right so both offenses should at least get a chance. What I would like to see is more of a college OT in the NFL. They can modify it however they want start teams at the 50 or even their own 25 and drive the field, but give NFL fans a chance to see A&M LSU type games not Pat Mahomes standing on the sidelines watching his defense fail to get a stop on 3rd and 9 plus for the third time and never see the field

Jeff McGuire - Sunday Sports Blitz

I admit I am cheating.  I am the last one to get their thoughts in.  Don't touch a thing.  Nothing at all.  This question comes from the fact that Pat Mahomes did not get a chance in the game vs the Pats in overtime.  I get it.  We wanted Pat to win.  We wanted him to get the ball.  Well he had the ball the first half.  He had the ball in the 4th quarter.  He had his chances.  "The Chiefs did't get a chance", except that they did.  Three 3 and longs in OT.  All they neede was one play and Pat would have gotten the ball.  I like the NFL rules.  It's football.  Not a modified 7 on 7 or strange version of football.  Offense, defense, special teams, and even strategy.  Don't touch the rules.  Not even a little.  

Garrett Luft - Coors Light Post Game Show

I would adopt the college rules and place the ball square on the 50-yard line to begin each team's possession. I believe that college should make the same change.

Luke Lyles - Producer Extraordinaire

I’m not too torn up about the current OT rules. Changing the rules to something strictly based on a time limit would take too long or make it unfair. I like how it is now. Defense wins championships.

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