Double T 97-3 Answers: Tech to where in the NCAAs?

Double T 97-3 Answers: Tech to where in the NCAAs?


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This week the Double T 97-3 staff answer, "How far do you have the Red Raider basketball team going in the NCAA Tournament?"

Rob Verby - The Bottom Line and Fox34 Sports

 I think the red Raiders will advance past the first two rounds for sure... I  think they’ll beat Buffalo in the second round after beating Northern Kentucky.

After that Tech will beat Michigan and then meet Gonzaga in the Elite 8, this time, Tech wins and goes to Final 4. 

Pack your bags for Minny! Tech will lose a hard fought 74-68 game to Duke.

What a season!

Jeff McGuire - The Bottom Line and Sunday Sports Blitz

As of right now, I have the Red Raiders making it to the Final Four.  While none of the games are locks, Tech is the three seed for a reason.  They are a top defensive unit.  What do we always hear?  Defense wins championships.  Northern Kentucky will shot a ton of 3s.  We have seen that a couple of time this season and Tech managed it well.  A Buffalo match up worries me a little, but a 3-6 game should.  The short turn around for game 2 won't give the master of defense, Mark Adams a lot of time to get ready.  I am sure he will be on top of things though.  That brings a week off to get ready for Michigan.  Giving this team a week to get a game plan installed, I'll take those chance all the time.  That leads to a meting with Number One Gonzaga.  That's a bit tough.  Could they get it, for sure, but that is where I see it their run end.  Now, if something were to happen to the zaggs, who knows?

Zach Sparkman - Tech Talk

I’ll be highly disappointed if they don’t make it out of Tulsa. After that things get tricky, it’s why they call it madness after all. I expect the team to beat Michigan but early in they were viewed as one of the top teams, if you get past them you have Gonzaga who spent time at number 1 one the polls I like the Red Raiders in that matchup also. Let’s say they do make history and go to the final 4 I don’t like a potential rematch against Duke as long as Zion is healthy. So I’ll say sweet 16 as conservative pick Final 4 if they catch a few breaks and a realistic chance at a national championship if they can catch quite if few breaks and they play their best in big games 

Garrett Luft - Coors Light Post Game Show

The performance against West Virginia was bad enough to remind me of some of Tech's low points earlier in the year. With that in mind, my annual March struggle is heart versus head. These picks are with the heart.

I think (through my heart... Is that possible?) Tech is reaching the Final Four. They will beat the Norsemen and win a tight battle with Buffalo to reach the Sweet 16. There, they will offer Nevada a rematch from 2017 and win another nailbiter. And much to the chagrin of Zags' fans, the Red Raiders will bust Gonzaga's hopes and dreams for the second time in 13 years. 

From that point, all bets are off. Tech likely loses to Duke in the Final Four. But... THE HEART SAYS Moretti and Mooney are so much more confident and secure than they were three months ago, and Tech shocks the world and sends Zion and friends to the nearest NBA Combine prep site. At that point, who cares who they are playing, but for fun, Tech beats Virginia to cut down the nets in a glorious display of basketball fundamentals and defense.

Gary Ashby - Sports Talk with Thetford and Ashby

In the interest of time, effort and energy my response is to Ditto Garrett Luft’s response.

Jake Archer - Producer Extraordinaire

In my bracket, I have Tech losing to Gonzaga in the Elite Eight. Tech will blow by Northern Kentucky and beat a good Buffalo team to get to the Sweet 16. Tech will then have a tough test against a very good defensive Michigan team. I’ll ride with the best defense in the country in a close one. However, I don’t think this team has the shooting talent to win 6 games in a row. The Raiders can’t afford to play catch up with a great shooting team. Gonzaga only averages 88 points a game and holds their opponents 65. My fear in this scenario is that Culver goes too much James Harden to try and save this team and it backfires like it did against West Virginia. Tech ends another great season to Gonzaga in the Elite Eight 74-68.

Luke Lyles - Producer Extraordinaire

The Final Four is a very achievable spot for the Red Raider basketball team this year. Northern Kentucky should be a nice double digit win. Then St. John’s might give us a good run with us finishing on top. Nevada will be a good sweet 16 matchup and hopefully we can find a way to stop their size and length. Syracuse will meet us in the Elite 8 and we will put a commanding end to their run. Finally, as most people suspect, Duke will put an end to our tournament run in the Final Four. As much as I want us to go all the way and win the dang thing, Duke might just be too much to handle. 

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