Family key to Beard, Red Raider Basketball

Family key to Beard, Red Raider Basketball

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Families are a big part of the Texas Tech Basketball program. And Chris Beard is no exception.

His three daughters travel in a pack. You'll see them in the stands, sitting in on press conferences or even on Fireside Chats. The girls have given up a lot to travel with dad during the tournament. 

They say seeing the work he puts in makes these memories all worth it. 

"We get all those phone calls at 3 a.m. when he's still watching film," daughter Avery says. "Really, to see how much effort and grind he puts into this is just awesome."

Ella Beard says he's relentless. 

"He pulls all-nighters a lot," she said. "If he's not satisfied, he'll watch film until like 5 a.m. Last night we thought he was in for the night and he was like 'alright, goodnight, I'm going back to work' and it was Midnight probably. So it's just an every day thing."

The AP Coach of the Year prioritizes family. Not just with his own. But with his players.

"Because it keeps him in check and keeps him humble," daughter Margo Beard said.

"He's always said he really only has basketball and family," Avery Beard said. "I think people might think that's an exaggeration. But it's absolutely not. He has no other hobbies. He really just does work and then hangs out with us. So I think it's important he knows the players have the same sort of outlet too."

What's Coach Beard's outlet when he's not coaching?

"Big Mamma Mia! fan," Ella said. "We have a lot of family jam sessions to Mamma Mia!"

"ABBA, a huge fan of that," Avery added. "Outside of country, that's probably his most favorite one."

"Yeah, he's obsessed with weird things," Margo said.

Beard's three girls have missed a lot of classes. And they'll miss a couple more to see their dad's all-nighters pay off.

"I know my attendance means I'm gonna get a B for the first time, which is not fun," Avery said.

"I'll be going to Saturday school to make up my hours," Ella said. "I mean, it's worth it, but it's kind of stressful."

"I just have a lot of homework," Margo said. "But I won't do it 'til the plane ride back."

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