Despite the downpour this year Lubbock is still seeing drought conditions keeping the city in drought stage one. In this phase the city expected to use less than 90 percent of its maximum daily supply capacity. All this thanks to one of our water supplies failing to fill up to normal levels.

"We've been in stage one since 2006, nine years and it's all due to one of our water supplies getting to normal," Aubrey Spear director of water utilities said. "I think if Lake Meredith got back to normal level which would be above 50 percent or so, we'd come out of stage one."

Lake Meredith is currently below 20 percent. Stage one is the mildest of emergency contingency plans.     

Residents are still experiencing restrictions during this stage for watering their lawns. Watering lawns is restricted to two days per week based on the last digit of your address. Those whose home address end in three, four, nine, or zero may water their garden Monday and Thursday. For those whose address ends in one, five, or six they are permitted to water their lawns Tuesday and Friday. To water your lawn on Wednesday or Saturday your home address must end in a two, seven, or eight. Watering may only take place from midnight to 6 a.m. or from 6 p.m. to midnight.