Standout Texas Tech sophomore Jarrett Culver announced Thursday he will declare for the NBA Draft. He made the announcement in front of family, friends, teammates and fans, at the United Supermarkets Arena. The place where the Coronado kid developed into a projected top-10 draft pick.

Fans wondered what the Big 12 Player of the Year would decide after the trip to the national championship.

"Honestly, it was a toss up decision, I was happy for him either way, whether he decided to stay or decided to go to the NBA and now that he's made a decision, I wish him well," one fan said.

"I thought he would stay another year, for unfinished business," another added. "I was expecting him to declare, I thought he had the talent to declare and being a top 10 pick potentially, he's got to go. He's done so much for the school, he owes us absolutely nothing. He's given us everything. I'm really excited for him, but it was cool for him to involve all of us," claimed another.

Culver included the fans in the announcement because they helped lead the team to a 17-1 record at the USA this year. They also showed up at the Final Four in Minneapolis. You could hear "Raider Power" chants, loud and clear.

"Y'all supported me, had my back, y'all are the six man on the court. I just appreciate everything y'all have done for me and everything y'all are going to do for me," Culver said.

One fan said he will remember, "The clutch three against Michigan State. How he led us to our first ever national championship and how he never gave up when we were down ten against Virginia."

"When they beat Michigan State," another agreed. "That was exciting because everybody in my house didn't expect them to win."

"Just the run that he put through with the team that we had it was pretty incredible to see him step up from where he was at last year to where he is at now," a fan remembered.

Chris Beard echoed the fans gratitude. The thanked Culver for keeping his promises from the first time he recruited him.

"Jarrett you've been everything, you're always so gracious, you're the most unselfish, best player, type guy I've ever coached, it's always about you thinking of other people, but I want to be really clear here today, on behalf of everybody here, we want to thank you for everything you've done for our program," Beard said.

The NBA Draft is June 20, 2019. If Culver is a top four pick, he will be the highest draft pick from Texas Tech. Tony Battie was taken fifth overall in 1997.

"He's done everything like he said he would," Coach Chris Beard said after the announcement, on being a humble player, a team leader and more.

The Lubbock native and Coronado graduate reached the Elite Eight with the Red Raiders his freshman year. This year Tech reached the Final Four and National Championship games for the first time in program history. Culver became the first Red Raider Basketball player to be named Big 12 Player of the Year. He led the team to its first Big 12 championship. 

Watch the announcement in the video below: